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Sometimes you just need one sweater…

Do you have a favorite store? It’s your go-to store—the one you’ve grown to love and trust. You shop there because you know you’re going to find whatever it is you’re looking for and the sale promotions are good. But would you say that store is your bestie? Do you feel like the store thinks that you are its bestie? It could feel like that, especially if you get as many e-mails from stores as I do.

The other day I went shopping. I needed to buy one sweater. When I was checking out, the sales lady asked me if I wanted to sign up for a store credit card. The hook was that I would receive 15% off my purchases that day. I like this store a lot. It sells quality garments, which is why I choose to shop there. But when I said “No, thank you,” the sales lady was genuinely surprised since simple math showed that I was turning down a significant discount.

But here’s the bottom line: When I buy a sweater it doesn’t mean I want a new credit card, five e-mails in my inbox every day, and a plethora of coupons that require me to buy more in order to save more. And I don’t need my little mailbox stuffed to the gills with catalogues either.

Think about all the emails and text messages you get. How many are from your friends and family, and how many are from stores that you have given your e-mail address and phone number to just for the sake of a discount? Which do you hear from more often? Banana Republic, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Macy’s? I can’t really tell for sure.

So, no. I don’t want to sign up for a credit card or give you my e-mail address because I don’t want to hear from the mall more often than I hear from my family and friends. After all, I just need one sweater!

I’m just telling you this little anecdote for this reason—I’ve decided to keep a small stock of Young Living products on hand to sell at retail price. As much as you may like the company, sometimes you just don’t want to join the club, couldn’t care less about getting a discount, and NO! you don’t want a monthly/weekly/daily subscription to manage.

In other words, you may not want to join Young Living now—or ever—but you may like a particular oil or product they offer. So if that’s the case then, yes, I would love for you to buy them from me.

Because I get it. Sometimes you just need one sweater . . .

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