The Plan

I yearn…..pretty much every year to do a Spring-time cleanse….I need it….I am ready for the RESET that propels me toward new habits and lifestyle changes that let’s face it….we all need.
Usually, I surprise my husband with my decision at the last minute leading to a dash to gather the essential ingredients needed.  Yeah…..though he is usually willing to do it with me, he needs more time. So, I have learned to prepare a little more for the success of the family.  10 days of juice requires mental preparation……..
I remember the first cleanse that my husband joined me on.  I was so proud of him (he is thin and weight management is not an issue for him) but after a day of denial he came home repenting… in Rice Krispie dust.  He had been carrying a box of Rice Krispies….and he smelled them and could not resist… So, he ate ONE. He said it was DELICIOUS!!!!  I’m pretty sure that was the first and last time he ever tasted a Rice Krispie!  That is one of those cereals that requires an inhalation to beat the clock of “wiltation”.
This story reminds me that often we eat things without tasting them or enjoying them ….. just inhaling them before their structure decimates into mush.  Whenever I do a cleanse, it gives me some mental clarity and over the years I have come to several realizations that steals me against common “temptations”.
So, I say all of that to say this:  I’m preparing to do my Spring Cleanse!  Wanna join me? I’m giving my husband a heads ups and weeks to prepare his mind (we all know this is MENTAL right?)
I’m going to try:  The 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse by Young Living
“This cleanse facilitates gentle and effective cleansing in the body to improve overall health and well-being.”*
To prepare, I have been eating more fruits and vegetables, and leaner meats and drinking lots of water consciously.
Want to join me?  I’m gonna start May 14th 
Need help ordering?  I can help!
The feeling I feel when I plan:


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