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What size bed do you have? Around four years ago, we decided to invest in a king size bed. This was a huge step up for us since we had been sleeping in a full size bed for over 20 years. However, for us, it was also a huge step down…literally.
Our full-size bed was very tall, almost as tall as Judah. Honestly, I loved my bed. It was a gorgeous antique mahogany, four-post, rope bed. Once we put the box spring and mattress on it, it was taller than me. You wouldn’t believe the comments and questions we would get because of this. One of the most frequently asked questions was whether or not we hit our head on the ceiling fan when we sat up, or…(ahem) did other things. Needless to say, we felt it was a ridiculous question, but we were surprised at how much curiosity this little piece of furniture created. In fact, once word got out about our “tree house” bed, people would stop by just to see it. Not us—just the bed.
Another question people often asked us was how we got into it—or out of it—without a ladder. Frankly, we just never felt like it was that difficult. Maybe that was because we had used it for over 20 years, and we were used to its incredible height.
Now that we no longer use our gorgeous antique bed but consigned it to the guest room—and after receiving a few not-so-subtle hints from our beloved guests—we finally bought a step stool for it. Our guests are much happier now that they don’t need to pole vault to get in it.
However, as all of you know, buying a new bed requires purchasing all new bedding. This is no easy task. In fact, our goal was to dress the bed immediately. I had dreams, visions, and a Pinterest board to prove it. But life happened, as it often does, and we had to prioritize. And since I didn’t want to rush or settle for something mediocre at best, finding a new comforter and color scheme was pushed down the list until we had the time to really look for something we both loved.
Fast forward four years, we still had a bed waiting to be decorated. My wonderful husband once again asked me when we were going to dress the bed. We both agreed that it was time to move it to the top of the list. 


 So for our anniversary a month and a half ago, we gave ourselves the gift of a freshly adorned bed…one with a style we both loved. We are so happy we didn’t settle, but instead took our time and waited until we found exactly what we wanted. Now we look forward to bedtime, peeling back our beautiful comforter, and getting into our comfy, normal-height, king size bed every night. Our haven is complete. Happy anniversary to us, and to our guests—happy climbing . . .

My dreamy bed

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