Tip No. 12:  nest pretty on the road

Whether we commute daily to work or are the local chauffeur for the neighborhood kids, it is invaluable to keep our vehicles maintained and organized. Start with a few basics that will get you on the road to organized travels.
-Have at least one small trash receptacle in the vehicle.  Empty it every time you fill up with fuel.
-Keep a phone charger in the car so that you never run out of battery while you are out and about.

-Keep a folder with a secure closure for important papers such as insurance documents, maintenance records, and mileage logs.

-If you have children invest in backseat storage containers for kids to keep books, crayons, and travel games.
-Place a small tote in the trunk for transporting small items so they won’t roll around while you travel.
Do you have a specific day of the week that you clean your car?  If it is done regularly it is far easier to maintain.
Take a few minutes to organize your vehicle and make a goal to avoid having to apologize for your car.  It is an outward representation of you and your family so Nest Pretty as you drive. 

Consider diffusing Young Living Essential Oils in your car.  This will help to purify the air and disperse the powerful plant constituents into the car to benefit all of your passengers.  I use a USB diffuser with Stress Away in my personal vehicle.

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