Tip No. 13 the capsule menu

It can be overwhelming to come up with a menu on a Sunday afternoon so that you’re ready to start your week well prepared.
This is a system I use to take the overwhelm out of the menu planning process:
Step 1:  Determine what foods you and your family are passionate about.​
​Step 2:  Create an outline for the week.  This streamlines the menu and helps you to focus.
Step 3:  Flesh out your outline.  For example:  We have Big Salads on Tuesday night. So, decide do we want grilled chicken on this salad, or just vegetables?
Step 4:  Use your menu to make your grocery list.
Busy lives can be made easier by keeping a central menu/grocery list.
​-When someone notices an item needs to be purchased, they can add it to the list.
-When it is time to shop you can grab the list and go!
This method encourages everyone to help in the process of running the household, and saves the shopper time and energy.

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