Tip No. 14 Put mail in its place

The mail can quickly spiral out of control so you must have a plan of action to deal with it.  
This is what I do:
I corral it into a basket all week and then faithfully deal with it on Sunday.  It takes me about an hour to sort through it, and file the important things, pay bills, schedule gift purchases for upcoming events, and balance my checkbook.
I love that I do not have to deal with it during the busy week.

1. Get yourself a basket you love and that will be sufficient to hold a week’s worth of mail.
2. Place your basket in an accessible location.  Mine is in the office next to the front door.

3. Once a week thoroughly clean out you mail basket.
Having a system will help you to pay bills on time, have an organized calendar, less clutter, and to Nest Pretty!

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