Tip No. 17 Laundry on a schedule


The weekend. It’s what we live for. I can’t wait to sleep in, make a romantic dinner for two, and enjoy a glass of wine with my favorite guy. We went into every Friday night hoping that the next two days would be lazy and loose, relaxing and restful, slow and sedate, tranquil and tame. But instead Saturday and Sunday were active and assiduous, hectic and hustled, swamped and strenuous, tied up and tiring. We were cramming what we couldn’t finish the previous five days into two. In the end, I might have been organized for the work week ahead but not ready for it to begin. I didn’t have a weekend, I had a “work-end.” I had to find a way to take little off my plate so I would have time to enjoy being home.

Laundry was something I felt could be adjusted, especially since that is one of the last things I wanted to do on the weekend anyway. The following is a system that works for me. Believe it or not, it doesn’t involve wearing the same clothes five days in a row. Yay for me (and everyone around me).

First, I made bags to separate my clothes so they are ready to throw in—whites, darks, delicates, cleaning cloths, etc. Then I assigned each bag its own day of the week. Every day a load of laundry is washed, dried, folded, and put away.  The method is simple, but by doing just one load a day, we have saved several hours of work. Now the weekends are a little more restful and relaxing, and a little less hectic and hustled.

Glass of wine anyone?

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