Tip No. 6 Determine the Function

Are your possessions paying the rent?
What does that even mean?  Well, we are paying for the square footage that we live in.  Our possessions kind of need to earn their keep if they are going to inhabit our valuable real estate.

It’s hard to know where to put something if you don’t know WHY you have it or HOW you use it. When you begin to organize, CHOOSE to determine the function of each item before keeping it and finding the perfect home for it. Ask yourself the following questions when trying to determine if the item is truly needed:
-When was the last time I used this?
-What do I use this for?
-Will I miss it if it’s gone?
-Can I repurpose this item?
-If I decide I need it in the future, can I replace it easily?
Finding the answers to these questions can make it easier to let things go, or to find the perfect place for them once their value in your life has been determined.

Unless you have endless storage we have to CHOOSE what we will keep in our highly prized spaces.

This exercise will determine if your possessions are earning their keep!

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