I just bought a massage table. That’s right—a large, foldable table that you get massages on. No, I’m not crazy, nor am I in a mid-life crisis. Some purchases are just worth the investment. And for me and Judah, this is one of them, just like our waffle iron.

When we were JUST married (26 years, 8 apartments, 6 cars, and 3 states ago) we went to a local department store because we had wedding-gift money to burn. All we really wanted was a waffle maker. After all, how else was I supposed to impress my new husband on those lazy weekend mornings?

We looked around the store and found a waffle iron we liked. When we went up to the cash register to purchase it, however, much to our dismay, the sales lady tried to talk us out of it! She said that we wouldn’t end up using it anyway, that it was a waste of money, and it would just end up sitting on a shelf.

It was retail sales 101 in reverse. Normally a salesperson will beat you over the head with how much you need something you don’t actually need and make you feel like a loser if you don’t buy it. Instead we were convincing her how much we wanted it.

We couldn’t figure out what was happening at first, but we didn’t have to wait long. Eventually the story became about her, her own poor waffle maker (a.k.a. her marriage). The saga continued to digress into a personal drama of love lost, promises broken, and waffle makers unused…..

A few minutes (that felt like a few hours) later, we left the store with a shiny new waffle maker, an appreciation for the need to use it, and a renewed inspiration to work on our marriage. We are happy to say, we have never regretted that choice—whether it be the waffle iron or our marriage. In fact, we still use the waffle iron regularly. And I continue to rock my waffles even after adapting the recipe for my husband who has become gluten-free. (Hint: whip your egg whites!)

This brings me back to our latest purchase, our new massage table. I know it’s quite a bit larger in comparison to the waffle iron, but it was equally desired and just as important.

When I contemplated the storage of this massive yet comfortable table, I thought of the waffle iron—and my marriage—and was reminded that some things are worth working hard for and scheduling time for. We’re so happy with our new purchase, and we look forward to both of us benefiting from it.

What purchases do you feel have been worth your investment? Share your favorites on my Instagram or Facebook pages.

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