Week 26:  Remove Clutter from Your Schedule

Just like the closets and attics in our homes, our lives and schedules can become filled with clutter. You can live a life more fulfilled when you reduce the clutter caused by not prioritizing time.
-Manage your schedule by looking for things to remove. If it does not give you joy, provide you with something in return (we need those jobs!), or enrich your life, consider dropping it from your schedule.
-Make shopping lists so you can make fewer runs to the grocery store.
-Don’t be afraid to delegate to others. Family members can help carry the load, or perhaps it is time to hire an assistant for yard work, cleaning, or other life tasks.
-Don’t be afraid to say “No” when asked to commit to something.
Removing clutter from your schedule might seem impossible, but there is usually at least one thing we can all try to do less of and still lead full lives.
The feeling I feel when I keep only what’s necessary in my schedule?


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