Week 29 Maintain Yo Stuff

The Cost Beyond the Price Tag

When we move to Florida and were starting our new life, there were definitely things we needed to set up house. However, there were items I did not want because of the fact that they take so much work to maintain. One of those items was a fan.  However, after a small leak in our washing machine we had to quickly dry out our carpet and therefore we bought a fan. Ultimately, we’ve used this fan every day and night since we bought it.
So, this week I was forced to give attention to my fan and just as I thought it was a lot of work to clean and maintain.  When making a purchase think twice at checkout and ask yourself if you have the time and determination to maintain this item?  

Ultimately, this fan has served us well.  It is now beautifully clean and just like new thanks to my Thieves Household Cleaner!  The fan will be added to the seasonal schedule so that I can Nest Pretty with my possessions.
​The feeling I feel when I maintain my things?


Do you have something nagging at you to clean and or maintain? 
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