Week 39:  Hobbies and the Real Question…

Fabric swatches, ribbons, brushes, paints, canvases, needles, yarn, thread, stamps, ink, cricket machines, wires, beads, tools, hot glue, paper, stickers, scrapbooks, kilns, molds, clay, sandpapers, Your Hobby for Dummies Guidebooks!
Good intentions can result in excess supplies and loss of space and emotional angst reminding us that:  “There’s not enough time in the day EVEN IF YOU’RE ARE RETIRED!”
Ask yourself:  Have I  (INSERT CRAFT)  in the past year? 
If not now?  Than when?
Do you feel an emotional pull everytime you walk past that box of fabric samples?
Would you rejoice if the excess & the constant reminder of good intentions stalled were gone?    Or would you regret purging the excess hobbies?




The feeling I feel when I get realistic?


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