What can Help You Combat Facial Hair?

Facial hair: the enemy of every well-groomed woman. It seems like they grow overnight! By the time you notice them they are so long you can either play ‘em like a fiddle or pluck ‘em like a banjo. All you need is someone blowing on a gallon jug next to you and you’ve got yourself a hoedown. We all have them, but then again, they aren’t always located on the chin…

I remember the first time I saw it—growing straight out of the middle of my forehead! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

It was an inch and a half long and totally clear! I remember I was SO upset with Judah. How did he not see it? Did he just ignore it thinking I would get it eventually? How long had it been there? It was so LONG! I was absolutely mortified. 

Every woman has a story about the first time she found an extremely long, invisible hair on her face. I’m sure all of you have developed some kind of system for getting rid of your unwanted facial hair. For example, Judah and I struck a deal: I cut his hair every three weeks and he cuts mine – just the one in the middle of my forehead. Seriously! I don’t want to be constantly looking in the mirror for invisible hair.

This week, on Champagne & Prosecco With Heidi and Mindy, we talked about the different things that have helped us seek out and remove our unwanted facial hair before anyone could braid it for us. Watch the full video below.

But the following products are the ones we discussed that have helped us and we think they could help you too.

My new favorite hair remover
  • TheTinkle Rose razor – I use this to cut my “hair” all the time.  A friend of mine put me on to this fun little tool. This makes hair removal easy and painless because all you have to do is find the hair and swipe. It has also made it easier for Judah to live up to his end of the bargain. 
The least painful tweezers I have ever owned
  • Invest in a good set of tweezers. Definitely ditch the drugstore pair that allows the hair to slip through or break before you can pluck it completely. Whatever money you spend will be worth it. Quality = Value. I recommend Tweezerman tweezers. Their tips are hand-filed so you always get the best grip, and they come with a lifetime warranty. I’ve had mine for 13 years now and still love them, although the Tinkle Rose razor is much less painful…
Cutie little set for your purse when you have to pluck on the fly
  • Also, think about getting a travel size pair, in case you’re like Mindy and only find those pesky hairs while driving. The ones I linked have a fabulous little case that fits perfect even in a small handbag.

amzn.to/3ehPRco(opens in a new tab)

The dreaded magnifying mirror
  • If you don’t have a magnifying mirror with a light yet, you might want to think about investing in one. Or you can just do what Mindy did and have your mother come and stay with you. As much as I hate seeing myself that up close and personal, it’s better than not being able to see myself at all! And it really helps highlight and magnify my one hair so that I can see it when I don’t have Judah to help me.

Chin hairs (or forehead hairs) are the bane of every woman’s existence, but at least we have tools to help us find them and get rid of them. So whatever you use to help you remove them—including that woman at the mall who insists on threading more than just your eyebrows—don’t give up the fight! Just use the tool that’s right for you.

How to combat facial hair!

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