What self-care and pampering says about you

Do you love and respect yourself? While for some of us, the answer to that question may be easy, for others it could be slightly more complicated. Years of abuse, neglect, or even caregiving could leave some feeling that they aren’t worth the time or the money. For others, it could just be they are too busy to take the time to take care of and pamper themselves. 

But then there are those that consciously make the choice to STOP caring. They have “given up” and just “don’t care” anymore. I recently had conversations with two different women who both said that very thing. The saddest part to me was that it showed.

When you take care of your body and hygiene, it becomes not just an expression of self-love and self-respect, but also an expression of love and respect for others. For example, getting a pedicure—whether professional or DIY—is a simple and effective way to show people you take care of yourself. 

It’s true—it may take time, money, scheduling, organizing, and prioritizing but it’s so much better than the feelings of embarrassment that naturally come when you haven’t had a pedicure in weeks. I guess you could just wear closed-toes shoes all the time, but who wants to wear those in the summer? 

The worst is when you decide to wear sandals anyway but then feel the need to proclaim: “Don’t look at my toes, they’re a mess!” because invariably what happens? In your attempts to distract people from looking at your toes, you actually draw attention to the very thing you didn’t want people to notice you had failed to care for. Wouldn’t it just be better to take the time to get your toes done? Then instead of being embarrassed, your perfectly manicured toes will proclaim: “I love and respect myself.” See? Doesn’t that sound better?

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you all something very profound: YOU ARE WORTH IT! Every minute— every dime. Don’t sell yourself short and make excuses for why you feel you can’t do the things you need to do for YOU. You can take care of yourself, it just may take little tweaks to your routine.

Do yourself a favor, if you catch yourself saying that you “don’t care” or you have “given up,” just know that you’re wrong. You ARE worth the time, money, scheduling, organizing, and prioritizing it takes to present your best self to the world.  And who doesn’t deserve the relaxation, calming, and stress relief that comes from a warm bath, a good haircut, or finally getting rid of that pesky in-grown toenail!  

Ladies, I say all of this to say: NEVER GIVE UP!  If you love and respect yourself, others will notice and will love and respect you for it. Please and thank you!

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