Year End Prepp’n

Crazy right?  But we are already over half way through the year.  Spending a few moments now is gonna save hours later.  My yearly visit with our accountant went really smoothly last year and I’m determined to keep the momentum going.  I have a bit of a reputation to uphold!  Cue business name NEST PRETTY……
How did it go for you last year?  Now is the time to put in the work when you are not under pressure.  Need help?  
For some extra tips check out this weeks blog post.
Spending these few moments have helped me to realize that there are always improvements to make.  Instead of putting things in a File named:  TO FILE…..Just file it!  And I also want to look into an app that can track my milage for me.  GOALS
The feeling I feel when I’m ahead:


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