Get Dressed Everyday with Confidence

Get the most from your space with a full wardrobe analysis

My Rates

75.00 per hour. I like to work in 5 hour blocks to keep us both fresh and energized.

Cash, Checks, Paypal and Credit cards accepted

I can help with a balanced, respectful evaluation. Don’t be overwhelmed! I promise you’ll walk away with a closet you LOVE, more confidence, self-love and respect for what you own.

What my clients have said:

Isaac R. from Patterson NY said:
​”My wife used Heidi to organize our walk-in closet and it has helped us ever since. She even created a system for allowing us to better use our clothes. This resulted in saving us both time, money and getting the most out of our favorite clothes. I highly recommend Heidi as she has a great style, pays attention to the details that matter the most and is completely trustworthy.”

Sarah C. from Patterson, NY said:
“Heidi helped me to think outside the box, and taught me to organize for myself.”

Amy E. from Patterson, NY said:
“For me the idea of redecorating our home was stressful.  I wanted it to be something that reflected my style and felt amazing . . . but I really didn’t know what that was!  Heidi came to my rescue.  Using pictures and questions, she helped me choose the right items for me and know how to arrange them.  I went from a home I could live with to one that I love!  Her help was invaluable!

My favorite story is the long wall shelf over my couch.  My plan was to have a collection of black and white family pictures.  Great idea, right?  But when I arranged my frames it looked like it was a store display to sell picture frames, not something to decorate my home.  I made a ‘911’ call to Heidi.  She came over and within minutes rearranged the frames, took a few away, added a couple of books (that I happened to already have) and told me the two things I needed to make the whole thing come together.  Once I got those items, I had exactly what I had been hoping for.  All me … discovered with her guidance!

If you want a beautifully decorated home that is a reflection of you, work with Heidi.  Her services are worth every penny.
I can speak very sincerely on this one.  She is amazing!”

Gena K. from Patterson, NY said:
“The closet organization that Ms. Gammill performed for me close to ten years ago is still a touchstone I use whenever I shop for new clothes or do my spring cleaning. After her service, I had less clothes but more outfits (because closet space is expensive real estate). I apply the three rules she taught me whenever I decide whether to keep an item or not. The evening she spent with me was so enjoyable because not only did she accomplish so much but she did it without being aggressive or condescending. She dignifies those she works with. I have highly recommended her service to my friends. ”  

Jason L. from NY NY said:
“Heidi Gammill was one of the key organizers on a large project that spanned six months. The portion of the project that Heidi took the lead on was a huge success despite an impossible deadline and very limited resources. Heidi displayed strong leadership skills amongst a group of up to ten helpers. She gets along well with others treating everyone with dignity and respect. Throughout the project Heidi was able to keep track of hundreds of items that were in play on a daily basis, not a single item of importance was lost.
The project Heidi took the lead on was a huge success due to her exceptional organizational skills.
I would love have Heidi on my team again.”

Michelle H. from Monroe NY said:
​”Heidi came highly recommended to me and I have to say she exceeded my expectations.  My closet has been transformed from me staring at my clothes and wondering what to wear to one that is refreshing and exciting…What I appreciated most, was her honest and kind approach to showing you what style looks the best on you…and then showing you how to mix and match to maximize your wardrobe…She was extremely patient…I never felt hurried.  So if you are wanting to look your best, and gain more closet space….Heidi is the person to see.  I was EXTREMELY happy I did!”

Annie M. from Ft. Lauderdale FL said:
“Heidi Gammill offers great organizational skills.  She took my mind clutter and simplified it, put it in order and proved that she can make your life less overwhelming.”

Macey M. from Monroe NY said:
“One word to sum up my consultation with Heidi: UNFORGETTABLE.  Her advice and principles transcend beyond your closet and can really change your whole outlook…for the better of course!  Whether we’re aware of it or not, we all have deeply engrained habits that affect what we buy, what we wear and how we see ourselves.  Heidi helps you to break free from all of that and take an honest look at what’s really best for you.  It’s advice you can trust and in the end you look and feel fabulous…and come on, who doesn’t want that?!?  Thank you Heidi!”