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Can Young Living Mean Freedom For You?

My journey with Young Living:
I have a business that I love and am passionate about: Organizing the homes of my clients.
I am also very careful with my health.  My goal is to benefit my body which includes eliminating chemicals from my home. Young Living was the next natural step in enhancing my path to chemical free living.
I fell in love with Young Living when I first read their story and commitment to the purity and power of the oils. They have taken the guesswork out of the last keys to my chemical-free lifestyle ie. toothpaste, skin care, make-up and home cleaners.
It is a company that I trust!
I got my Premium Starter Kit and quickly discerned the potential of doing this as a business. I wanted to do it in my free time and to have the freedom to enjoy the Young Living products for free.
February 2017: With just 5 posts on Instagram a portion of my starter kit was paid for. $89.00
March 2017: I posted two more times on Instagram and quickly became the go-to girl for oils. My oils were free this month!! And I got a lot of oils! $471.00
April 2017: Just sharing casually my love of the oils and the new products i’m enjoying. $130.57
May 2017: $207.99 Who couldn’t use an extra 200.00 in their pocket?
June 2017: $41.38 I’m not going to lie I was a little disappointed…. but for a side hustle 41.38 is 41.38!
July 2017: $113.71 I’m thrilled to get my oils paid for!
August 2017: $141.83
September 2017: $103.03
October 2017: $147.78. We travelled for two weeks in October which left no time for working my side hustle. To still get my oils paid for is such a bonus!
​November 2017: $41.14. We volunteered in the month of October and that was our priority. Even though 41.00 was disappointing….. I hadn’t worked at all…. so 41.00 was pretty good!
​December 2017: $274.34 I worked hard this month mostly getting systems in place for posting to social media. It paid off with some growth. Free oils for another month!
January 2018: $195.35 I’m so grateful to be able to share these oils with my family and friends.  Consistent growth is my goal.
February 2018: $220.95 We had guests all month which I try to stay very present for and enjoy the company.  So, I wasn’t able to work on my Young Living Business…..but I still got paid!
March 2018: $474.83  I did several diffuser recipe videos which made my business grow!
April 2018: $320,83 Free oils and then some!
May 2018: $282.76  The key to success in this business is duplication!  For more information on how to start YOUR Young Living Business 
June 2018: $143.89  We travelled to Salt Lake City Utah this month for the Young Living Convention.  I learned more about the company and the products that inspired me to continue pursuing this as a business.
July 2018: $119.83  I’m grateful to Young Living for helping me to get my oils for free.  Meanwhile, I’m building a strong foundation for growth as a business owner!
August 2018:  $195.15
September 2018:  $321.48 . 
​October 2018:  $